If you suffer from sensitive skin, chances are you’ve tried many products and some how no matter the claims, you often have an adverse reaction. Red inflamed itchy skin is no walk in the park.

Epizone products were made specifically for this reason along with dermatologists to help with a specialised formula for dry skin conditions. That’s not to say normal skin can’t benefit from it. In fact, there are many ways in which Aqueous creams can be used. Use the benefits of aqueous creams to heal, pamper, relax and simply just make it “me time”.

Here are our top 10 uses of Aqueous Creams:

Gently removing make-up, especially around the eyes whilst hydrating and nourishing the skin.

Some products just don’t hydrate sufficiently, there’s a taut feeling after application. Epizone nourishes deep down long after
application and is safe to use throughout the day.

Epizone A is light enough to be sufficient as a moisturiser and light enough to be reapplied.

Epizone E has a smooth, gentle application which deeply nourishes the skin.

Epizone E has been used effectively over the many years for eczema, psoriasis preventing moisture loss and assisting in the healing of broken skin by keeping the skin moisturised for long periods.

Aqueous creams provide a barrier to prevent water seeping into the skin. It is a breathable product which does not clog the skin’s pores and soothes skin rashes.

As a soap substitute Epizone E can be used in the shower in place of shower gel.

An aqueous cream can be used for leg shaving. No more nasty cuts as the aqueous cream layer allows the razor glides over the skin, leaving your legs silky smooth to the touch.

Mix with oatmeal and use as a face scrub to gently exfoliate while nourishing the skin at the same time.

Make your own DIY Moisturising Face Mask. Mix 3 parts Epizone E with 1 part oatmeal.

Try using the Epizone Epiwash as a gentle face wash for great results.

Use as a massaging lotion which is better for sensitive skin, rather than using scented oils.