What was the inspiration behind starting the Epizone Baby and Kids range?

Both Epizone E and Epizone A are safe to use on babies and young children, as they both contain no harsh ingredients that could irritate sensitive baby skin. Mothers were using these products but were complaining that the old black and white packaging does not compliment the baby rooms and often clashes with the colour schemes, so I decided to use the same products and just change the packaging to bright and colourful baby/child friendly packaging.

What products are in the range?

Currently we have Baby and Kids Epizone E ointment, Baby and Kids Epizone A cream and Baby & Kids Xeroderm SPF40 Sunscreen.

Do you have any plans to introduce more products to the range? If so what products and why?

Yes, I will definitely be extending the product range and the following products will be available soon in the Baby and Kids product range. The Baby & Kids Bath oil, Baby & Kids soap bars in the following fragrances, Tea tree (anti-bacterial properties), Chamomile (relaxing, carminative and anti-inflammatory properties), Lavender (calming and relaxing properties), Rooibos, and a fragrance and colour free variant as well. Baby & Kids cream for sensitive skin and a Baby & Kids eczema treatment ointment.


Other products to follow next year will be a Nappy cream, Baby shampoo and a Baby wash.

What makes van Dyk Pharmaceutical’s a special and unique brand?

Not only were we the original supplier of aqueous creams and ointments to the masses suffering from dry skin in this country. Our products were also formulated with the help of local dermatologists for our unique South African climate, hot summer months and cold, dry and harsh winters. This is a South African product for our unique south African skins.

What makes the product a proudly South African product? And why is it better to use a South African brand on my baby’s skin?

It was formulated for our unique South African climate and our unique South African skins, our skins differ from skin types in the rest of the world. What can be good for skin types in Europe may not be good for our skins here in South Africa, formulation for different countries is very important. Skincare needs are different in every country.

Every country is also different in terms of what ingredients are allowed to be used in baby products. Some countries ban ingredients that other countries allow. Every country also test their products differently.

How do you ensure product safety?

We try to use ingredients which are recommended by Dermatologists that do not cause any skin irritations or contact dermatitis.

What ingredients in Epizone baby and kids differentiate it and make it ideal for a baby’s sensitive skin?

That is a secret, our trade secret ?


What is the biggest skin care challenge?

Finding the correct products for your skin type. Every skin is different; therefor not all products will be suitable for everyone.


What advise can you give to new-moms regarding baby skin care?

Keep it as simple as possible. Try to avoid products containing perfumes and colourants.


What would you say is the biggest/ most common mistake we make when it comes to caring for a new- born’s skin?

We wash our babies every day. Babies are not dirty, you can wash the nappy area daily but no need to wash baby head to toe every day. Babies can we wiped gently by applying Baby & Kids Epizone E and then just gently wiping with a soft face cloth. Also, don’t wash your baby’s hair daily.


When is a baby’s skin strong enough to start introducing fragranced products?

I would say around two. If your baby suffers from a dry skin condition such as eczema, it is best to avoid completely until they’ve outgrown it, if possible. Otherwise just double check with your doctor.


What is the biggest “old wife’s tale”/ Myth regrading a baby’s skin that you have heard?

Babies should bath every day to help them sleep better.

What is the best soap to wash a baby with sensitive skin with?

If your baby has sensitive skin, rather avoid any soap products, especially if they contain perfume and colourants. Rather wash with a cream such as Baby & Kids Epizone A cream or Baby & Kids Epizone E ointment.


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