You have probably tried many lotions and moisturisers in the past.

You may have even felt some relief, for a short period that is. Midway through the day, your skin is back to feeling as though you’ve just showered without applying any product… Does this sound familiar? Do you know why?


Dry skin is a result of lack of water in the skin. The solution would be to replenish the skin with an aqueous cream to moisturise and lock in the skins natural moisture.




Soap and fragranced products can cause an allergic reaction. Especially during Spring, when it’s allergy season – aqueous creams are often prescribed for sensitive to very dry skin.

When formulated correctly, aqueous cream is a great solution for many skin types.

Since 1982 South Africans have used our trusted Epizone A, formulated with local dermatologists, especially for the harsh and very specific SA climate and skin.


4 reasons why good Aqueous creams are necessary:

  1. Aqueous is a light, non-greasy moisturiser made from a mixture of emulsifying ointment and water. Emollient based aqueous creams hydrate and nourish providing relief for smoother and more comfortable skin. They are necessary to create the correct consistency for various skin requirements. While oil based solutions dehydrate over time.


  1. Aqueous is prescribed as an emollient for eczema because the emulsion forms a barrier to lock in moisture that dry and broken skin needs.


  1. Good emollients are used, because they are necessary to the efficacy of the product. In good formulations, they are used sparingly and do not cause adverse effects.


  1. Irritating substances such as fragrances and bad chemicals are excluded, as opposed to fragranced moisturisers.




Use the following guide to determine which moisturizing product is best for you .



1. Continue use if suitable for your skin type or condition.
2. Discontinue use if you have experienced an allergic reaction.
3. Do process of elimination to see what your triggers are.